Replica Oakley Antix and OIL RIG sunglasses SPECIAL EDITION

Oakley replica sunglasses athletes who excel in extreme sports are people out of the ordinary. They do not want to be cataloged, labeled, told others what they are or should be. They move in a race like in life, and when they find the perfect goggles to look beyond and out of the agonistic world, they wear them naturally giving it a whole new dimension. Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso are the two young riders of the 2009 MotoGP revelation, with which Oakley has decided to produce two special edition sunglasses: ANTIX and OIL RIG.
Replica Oakley Antix sunglasses
The replica oakley ANTIX eyeglasses, chosen by the Spanish Yamaha revelation, feature a single large Plutonite lens framed by a light O Matter ultra-rigid mount, optimized by the patented HDO (High Definition Optics) optic, which significantly improves peripheral vision and Makes them ideal for a motorcyclist like Jorge, used to having nothing and no one to cover the view.
Oakley Antix sunglasses
In addition, the HDO technology applied to the lens guarantees Lorenzo’s eyes rested and protected before pushing the helmet and focusing on the track.
This special edition is also featured by the Oakley Blue embossed logo, in honor of the Japanese team’s colors.
replica Oakley OIL RIG sunglasses
Replica Oakley OIL RIG sunglasses, a model chosen by the Italian champion of Honda, is a strong eyewear and strong line that uses HDO (High Definition Optics) technology for an extremely clear and comfortable vision.
Oakley OIL RIG sunglasses
Made of black O-Matter, lightweight and ultra-durable material, these glasses are characterized by the orange Oakley icon, in honor of the color of his team, set in the auctions in a geometric and three-dimensional game.
fake Oakley OIL RIG sunglasses
The lenses are made of Plutonite, an ultra-resistant patented material that can also protect the eyes from high-impact impacts and filter 100% UV and light blue light.

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