How to identify Oakley sunglasses true and false ?

This is a more classic series, also known as Oakley Frogskins, true or false, mainly in the lens, because oakley lens Sa basic function is, HD HDO, 100 percent UV, one hundred percent ah, As well as anti-collision is generally exaggerated that is able to block bullets, because fake oakley is working with the US military so many soldiers with glasses is oakley, on the battlefield with a life may save a life of the glasses may be oakley sunglasses, is so magical, And its frame material is the memory of rubber, that is, bending will return to the original state, the lens can be separated from the frame, so the lens is generally free to match. Now that true and false glasses cloth is installed glasses The bag is anti-static bag on the small o standard, is the general fake do not do that out of the o will have a lot of security on the edge of the small o carefully look at that is called HDO high-definition optical technology logo authentic oakley glasses bag material thick , Cloth pattern delicate, uniform color.
Fake Oakley sunglasses
There are boxes of genuine oakley sunglasses box material is smooth, fine texture uniform, fine workmanship what wool textures are very rough.
cheap Oakley sunglasses
There are glasses on the shelf o o genuine glasses legs and lenses have a strong sense of permeability, logo long and narrow, inlaid fit perfect fake oval mosaic is not perfect, there will be burr. There are screws and legs of the edge of the legs of the original screws screws are six-slot plum buckle buckle anti-loose special screws. The imitation of the screw is just an ordinary four-groove screw. Mainly in fact is the lens of high-definition we are generally test true and false are to take it with a special test piece directly to the foot to the customer to see is not cheap to buy it is not too cheap on the regular counter or shop it even if the discount glasses will not Less than 600 so do not think about the picture because it is the mirror of the United States are making imported technology in it so do not believe too cheap it is impossible to have other questions to ask me.
cheap Oakley
First, check the Oakley sunglasses packaging.
Oakley sunglasses cheap packaging as shown above, glasses, cartons, dust bag, manual and genuine warranty card is standard, glasses box is not all models have.
Oakley sunglasses packaging cartons, different styles of printing patterns will be different here to check the packaging of the printing quality is clear, brand logo and description is consistent.
All the sides of the box should have a white label, there are two different bar code and the corresponding glasses style, color models and other details of the information. Here to pay attention to detailed information should be consistent with the physical glasses and instructions.
Oakley sunglasses fake
Dust bag is replica Oakley sunglasses standard, different styles of fake sunglasses dust bag has a different pattern, but the same is smooth surface, feel fine. Note that the dust bag should be neat fine wireless head, the label should have Oakley oval O logo or HDO logo, embroidery logo should be clear and delicate, the pattern is correct.
replica Oakley sunglasses
Oakley glasses part of the style with glasses box, the common style as shown below, the front of the glasses box and zipper head on the oval O mark. Note that the glasses box should be high-quality, brand logo exquisite workmanship without burrs and so on. Some Oakley glasses box is a handbag or other style, but the above should have oval O-type logo.
cheap Oakley sunglasses
Second, check Fake Oakley sunglasses work and mirror legs inside the information.
Oakley sunglasses have military version of the sports limited edition and many other types. Military version of the interchangeable lenses as shown below will have the production date, brand logo and other information laser engraving, pay attention to sculpture should be clear, clean, and will not feel like a glitch.
cheap Oakley sunglasses
Oakley glasses mirror legs and frame riveting parts usually have an oval or square brand O-type mark, where attention to check the logo of the work is delicate, there should be no dislocation or gap skew and so on.
Oakley sunglasses
Cheap Oakley sunglasses on the inside of the left side of the mirror as shown below will have glasses models, focal length, size and other information, in the middle there will be a small Oakley O-type logo, and pay attention to the information should be consistent with the packaging label description.
Oakley sunglasses
Oakley glasses on the inside of the right leg is the MADE IN U.S.A. logo, as well as the EU certification CE mark, pay attention to the origin will not have other countries, only the United States.
Oakley sunglasses 2017

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